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from a stolen sailboat off the coast of monterey. we have team coverage. we are live in south city where she broke the news to the grandmother. we start though with maureen naylor live at the dock in monterey. >> reporter: this happened just the last few hours and he we are happy tolter the children have been rescued safely. i want to point out we are standing at the break water cove marina and off behind me is the cutter that just in the last half hour arrived here. we are still waiting confirmation that the children have been brought back here. the coast guard said they have safe. their father has been arrested and about an hour and a half ago they said the children have been safely rescued. it happened 20 to 30 miles off the coastline. children again and their father are being brought back here. at nounment in the last half hour. >> i'm glad to say that it's
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come to a peaceful end. there were no injuries and it was resolved and we will be able to bring back the children. >> we quickly got brooklyn, the oldest child who is four off the boat and transferred her to the hospital. >> reporter: an fbi negotiation team worked with the coast guard and the way they approached the vessel is they asked christopher if they could give him water and a radio and he said yes. he was very willing and offered to help in a very cooperative. they moved in around five. he started to head south and they got worried. he was low on fuel. he has been taken in to custody. they plan to file charges. that vessel is here. we are waiting confirmation but the coast guard said it would arrive right in the last half
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hour. we are waiting to see if the children will be brought up. there are ems behind me that will be here check out the children as they get off as the investigation continues. we will bring you more as it develops. live in monterey. >> now to noelle in south san francisco where we are able to bring news of the children's rescue to their grandmother. >> reporter: not often that the business that you get to deliver the good news to a worried family. we were happy to do that. they had these kidnapped flyers waiting to be put out in the living room. thank goodness they don't need them anymore. about an hour ago i gave the good news to the grandmother. she had been waiting for days. children have been rescued. >> that's -- that's the best
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news. really. really. >> reporter: gene said she hasn't heard anything from investigators all day about the where abouts of her grandchildren, 3-year-old brooklyn and 2-year-old devon seen in this video playing with their father the man broke into the side gate and took them from her living room tuesday afternoon. >> he just had this wild look like he was crazy. >> reporter: she doesn't have the size of a fighter. >> baseball and so --. >> reporter: this tiny grandmother said she chased after the children's father as he ran them to a waiting car. she bruised her chin and elbow when she fell trying to dodge a recycling bin he threw at her. then got right back up and ran to the car. >> i grabbed the door and he -- slammed it and then while i was holding the door he started
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the car. i let go. >> reporter: for days she has worried that was the last time she would see her grandchildren. tonight she will sleep for the first time in days. >> just -- the best. best news. when i get my two grandchildren i will hug them and never let them go. >> reporter: now she said she has no doubt the father loves them but did have serious concerns over his ability to care for them. she will not need to worry about that tonight. reporting live in south san francisco. >> all right. thank you. and the story is still developing. we are going to continue to watch it throughout the hours and the newscast. if we get more developments, we will bring them to you. >> there is another case involving missing children tonight. a statewide amber alert for a man suspected of kidnapping two children. the sheriff said the 21-year- old marquis edwards of fresno pulled a woman out of a car at a gas station shortly before
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noon. edwards seen here took off with their 6-month-old daughter and the woman's son, 6-year-old he is driving a 2,000 white buick century. they think he may be heading back to fresno. in ten minutes how social media is helping the search for a missing college student from the bay area even getting their message out at tonight's giant's game. >> republican paul ryan is in the bay area tonight raising money for the gop ticket. we have learned he attended a fund raiser this evening at the alamo home of the safeway ceo. it was a 2500 a plate event. now tomorrow morning the congressman is scheduled to attend a breakfast fundraiser at the home of brent jones. tickets for that event range
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from 1,000 to 2 5,000 dollars. new numbers released today from the labor department show job growth slowed last month. the economy added 96,000 jobs but that is below economist's expectations. the unemployment rate fell from 8.3% to 8.1% but analysts caution that's because many eligible workers gave up looking for work. >> the president and romney each tried to put their own twist on today's job numbers. romney held a rally in iowa while the president spoke in new hampshire. >> they want your vote but they don't want to show you their plan. that's because they know their plan won't sell. >> if the president were elected we would have for hour years of the last four years and the american people will say no to that. >> reporter: romney called the numbers disappoints while the president said the united states is now seen 30 straight
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months of job growth. the president's convention speech last night set a new record for political tweets. at the close of the address at which there were over 52t 52,000weets a minute. >> a quiet event at the young museum took a turn of chaos this evening. more than a hundred union members took over the museum lobby and blocked the doors. janet has been there since the start and joins us now live to explain why the workers are so upset. >> reporter: the critical mass bike group is just coming through so there is some noise. it was silent tonight, not so earlier when the union members took over this lobby at the young museum and some were arrested in this contract
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dispute. for man 100 union members with the seic marched in to the museum. they shouted bull horns, as patrons drank and watched what is usually a quiet night turn into a loud rally. > er. >> 94 employees who work there have been negotiating a contract for the past year. they say the museums are financially successful and managers getting races while asking employees to start paying up to $150 a month for health care. >> we are not making a lot of money. we live in an enxpensive city. >> reporter: patrons seemed to take the protest in stride. >> it's just a little disruption but it's fine and i'm sure they have reason. >> the united states. we have rights. if they aren't peaced aren't used they can be lost.
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>> reporter: police moved in take away protesters blocking the entrance. >> this union is sitting on the best contract offer that any city union has gotten in probably 20 years. >> reporter: museum spokesman ken garcia said managers pay the same in health care and they are offering workers up to a 12% wage increase over three years. >> most of the unions have settled for 4% so that's essentially three to four times what all the other city unions have settled for already. >> reporter: police say they arrested 19 protester released them. another round of negotiations is set for monday. >> new video of a deadly shooting in pittsburgh. it happened about 7:00. witnesses say a young man was sitting with friends in a parking lot when he was gunned down. they say the park was filled with people at the time of the shooting. so far there is no word on the
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name of the victim or his age and no arrest has been made movement authorities investigating a homicide after the find of a female body. a hiker reported seeing the remains this morning about a half mile from highway 101 in. pictures from news chopper 2 show the wooded area. since the sheriff's department was short staffed investigators called for help from santa clara county which provided a csi team. >> they want to make sure there is nothing else near the body, around the immediate area, they will search for anymore evidence. >> sources say that investigators are reasonablely certain that the remains of the female are not those of the 15- year-old sierra lamar missing since last march. >> a judge in sacramento rule that the former governor did
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not break any laws when he reduced the prison sentence of a colleague's son as one of his final acts. . the sentence in the murder case was reduced from 16 years to seven years at the governor's request. the judge called the decision to reduce the sentence repugnant but said the governor had the authority. >> one of the ways we can help give back. >> giving back to honor a chp officer killed in the line of duty. the many ways everybody can chip into help his family. >> i'm back at 10:20 the fog working back. the weekend in front. i will have the forecast and let you know how that fog plays in to saturday and sunday. >> finding a missing college student from the east bay not focus of a worldwide online search. why his parents believe he is a live and the special effort to support their search.
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. new at ten the search for a missing college student is expanding tonight. both here in the bay and near chico where brett olson disappeared over the labor day weekend yes. live in lafayette where the effort is gaining nationwide attention on the internet. >> reporter: it is. in fact in the last hour a special facebook page dedicated to brett is closing in on 80,000 members. look at what they are posting,
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a picture of olson's face on the jumbotron at the giant's game and here classmates say they aren't giving up hope. it's a different kind of battle cry. they are spreading the message, bring brett home to anyone who will listen. >> we are just hoping he is out there safe and sound and we are going to bring him home. >> reporter: long time friend helps spark an explosion of interest in olson's disappearance. hole son was tubing on the sacramento river with friends and chico state when he vanished. the 20-year-old was last seen at beer can beach. his father said he is an experienced swimmer and a lifeguard. >> i think he is a live. i don't know the circumstances. taut what we want to find out. that's what we all have to believe. >> reporter: while the family has expanded his search dozens
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turned out for a fundraiser. >> he worked for me for two years and he was a great kid. we want him to come back home. >> reporter: brett has been stuff a strong member of the community and our lives. a lot of us have known him since we were seven. >> reporter: tonight olson's father said he believes his son was drinking but the last people to see him called him coherent and happy. there is now a 10,000-dollar reward for information leading to his return. >> we have new video from a scene of a shooting. it happened about 6:30 at foot fill. a man in his 60's was shot in the chest and taken to highland hospital where he is under going surgery. the gunman is said to have been a young person, possibly a teen who fired the gun from a nearby
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bus stop. the sheriff's department is looking for an 18-year-old accused of shooting another teen in bay point. he the he is wanted for the shooting death of a 17-year-old fernando gonzalez. . the shooting prompted a shelter in place for the neighborhood. in seven minutes the mystery of who killed a couple. one of the victims was pregnant with twins. >> a new fire prompting evacuations tonight. that fire is burn agriculture long scott valley road. people have been told to evacuate. a viewer from the area sent us pictures showing the smoke, pillowing over a hill. 450 acres have burned since that fire started shortly after
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1:00. and more than a dozen homes in danger as two wildfires continue to burn. they are burning off highway 16, south of highway 20. they have grown to more than 16,000 acres. right now they are 35% contained. residents have been forced to evacuate. >> now to the show support for california highway patrol officer killed earlier this week. rob roth shows us how communities and organizations are really stepping up to the plate to help the officer's family. >> those who come will be bouncing for a worthy cause. the owners say they will donate all the proceeds that day to the widow and four children of an officer. >> they put their lives on the
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line. the death is sparking support from sad residents. >> trying to get happy now. >> reporter: the sheriff's deputy helps run the 100 club. it's an organization that helps provide -- fallen peace officers. they have given the officer's family $15,000 and a promise. >> we are here for you and anything you call us we will be there. >> reporter: shannon knows what it's like to need the support of the 100 club. it was four years ago her husband was shot to death by the estranged husband of a salon owner. he left three small children. the club has been a great help. >> they always call and check
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on me. that's so important. >> reporter: are the fundraiser goes on all day sun and local businesses are also helping putting on a silent auction. in fairfield. >> another organization the 1199 foundation has donated $50,000 to the offer's family. in chp code 1199 means officer needs assistance. it helps officers with an immediate death benefit. and we have links to banks and organization that are collecting donations to help the family. just look for the chp shooting tab. >> temperatures from today for your friday. as we move into the bay area weekend temperatures tomorrow will increase. we will add a few degrees,
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maybe five in some of the areas in the mid-70s. really nice day. fog moving back in -- the forecast model, right at the coast. that's at 7:00 a.m. when you get going tomorrow morning the fog at the coast. temperatures start off cooler, end up a bit warmer. we will look at the forecast when we come back. >> a second camp will not close early despite a link to honta virus. park officials have decided high sierra camps will stay open even though a visitor was sickened by the virus. park officials say they are warning 6,000 visitors about possible exposure to the virus. three deaths have been linked to a group of tent cabins on the valley floor. >> new information in a brazen
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killing. what we are learned about a pregnant mother killed alongside her boyfriend. >> it's as much for the fan as myself. >> and a boxing champ on his home turf in eight minutes the big bout coming to the bay area featuring a local her hero. >> and live pictures monterey where we expect those two young children who are kidnapped to come out with their mother shortly. iiƧ
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i didn't know strawberries where in seasshh'sght now. no no no no no no.. rosco, no, no...
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. authorities have identity aid woman shot to death along with her boyfriend as ashley mills. they were killed inside their house . why police consider this double homicide case is a quadruple homicide. >> reporter: family members
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released this photograph of the 31-year-old deshawn jones, he and his pregnant girlfriend were killed in front of their 2- year-old son. police say that multiple rounds were fired inside the house. neighbors saw two men running out. >> witnesses reported two black men running the scene southbound wearing hooded shirts. >> reporter: police need a better description and are asking for the public's help. >> this family was targeted. this was a specific act against them and we want people to come forward. >> reporter: the fa manyly want that too. the victim's brother didn't want to talk on camera but said that jones was the kind of guy who never had arguments and that everybody liked him. he said jones was just trying to take care of his growing family, he said his girlfriend was expecting twins. his grandmother had just bought him a house three months ago next to hers. >> he didn't deserve what happened to him.
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he was a good, good person. >> reporter: friends gathered to mourn together. they say they can't understand why it happened. >> i loved him to death. my kids loved him. he was a good person. as far as we know -- we don't know what happened. >> reporter: because they were apparently expecting twins investigators now proceeding as if there were four murder victims. in vallejo. >> the remains of two missing san jose men have been found in a shallow grave in indianapolis indiana. the grave was found in the woods of a residential neighborhood on august 22nd but it took until now to identity the men using dental records, the 40-year-old was reported missing on july 6th and the 39- year-old was report ared missing five weeks after that. police say that both suffered head trauma. the investigation is ongoing.
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a rabid bat has been found near fairfax. it was found near the main parking lot of a lake. a passerby caught it and brought to an organization. it's the first such case in the county this year. in the south bay tonight fruit growers holding their breath. they could get annual clear from the fruit fly. two of the four pests turned up in traps in july. six would create aequorin tee and could cost growers millions. if no more are found by tuesday they are in the clear. >> everybody excited, somebody positive going on in the city. >> defending his title at home. how a big championship fight in oakland is shining another positive light on the city. >> and at 10:45 the walk for a cure, now underway. the reason its mission to fight cancer is struggling for
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support this year.
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. back to the news we are following monterey where two children are safe after being kidnapped taken to sea on board a sailboat. maureen naylor is live with the new information. >> reporter: we have several updates to tell you about since the last report. i want to point out, we are standing by the pier in monterey and in just the last half hour the children's mother was reunited with them. the children are still on the pier. in the last 15 minutes their father was taken away in a police patrol car. to recap, the two were rescued around 7:30 this evening when the fbi and coast guard boarded the stolen sailboat and rescued the two children safely saying
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their father was cooperative and didn't resist. we have some new information to tell you about just how complicated this was. we were told there were three tactical situations in place in case the boat went to big sur that would be one organization, in if came to monterey but it was taken at sea and that was where the fbi crisis negotiation team helped. we are going to be here waiting to see if the children are going to come out. their mother they have been reunited. they are safe, and there is an emergency vehicle here. there is an ambulance here to assess them after and we are told it'll be about two hours before that. reporting live. maureen naylor. >> thousands of boxing fans expected to pack the oakland arena tomorrow night for a championship night as john reports, one of the box boxers is a local hero and made suit title bout would be held in his
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hometown >> reporter: andre ward faced off with hiso opponent today. the fighter later said why he wants to fight her. >> it's as much for the fans as for me. it's a treat for them. everybody is excited, something positive going on. >> reporter: the may soar said it's one more feather in oakland's cap. >> probably the most beautiful city. one of the most beautiful, the most diverse, the third most lit era te. we keep making the coolest city. >> reporter: the 28-year-old has won gold and tomorrow night he is defending his belt. the fight -- all agreed the idea to have this internationally watched fight in oakland. >> and once you get out here, great restaurants, good people, people have enjoyed themselves who come from the east coast. >> reporter: outside city hall school kids played dodgeball. their teacher said they appreciate it. >> it's good for business and
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good for oakland to know we have one of their one fighting. >> reporter: back with the champ and his daughter he shared his message with the young people. >> i believe everybody has something to give. some kind of talent, find what it is and stay focused. >> reporter: he is proud that his fight is bringing national attention to the city. the fight is tomorrow night at orarle. >> and coming up later in sports more on todaye weigh in, how ward matches up to his opponent. >> california governor jerry brown signed a bill aimed to prevent violence at sporting events. the stadium violence prevention act requires stadium operators to post phone numbers for security inn side and outside the stadium including in the parking lot. it's to get help more quickly and defuse a potentially violent situation like the one you were just watching. california is now the 7th state to allow driver to show proof of insurance using their smart
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phone. the governor signed the bill giving drivers the option to show proof of insurance electronicly with the use of a mobile device. >> a plea change depth expect from a teen facing manslaughter charges. the 17-year-old is expected to plead guilty at his next hearing on september 26th. he was driving an suv that struck and killed a 9-year-old and her father while they were bike riding back in april. the teen could be sentenced to detention until he is 21. >> the oakland a's trainer said brandon mccarthy is making progress but isn't out of the woods yet after being hit in the head by a line drive. he was struck on the right temple. right there, during wednesday night's game. he walkedda away under -- he was later rush to the hospital and had surgery. a doctor not involved in the surgery said that team did the
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right thing and may have saved his life. >> speed is of the essence and having trainers recognize that this is an important problem, is what leads to live saving. >> reporter: the doctors said a hemorrhage put pressure on the brain that can lead to brain damage or death. that sometimes that can happen in just hours. >> shares of online music company pandora took a hit after news of a possible new online music service from apple. pandora closed today at 1047 after falling 17%. according to the wall street journal apple is in talks launch an online streaming service. it could be months. in san francisco, a major transformation is underway. apple putting up banners. they are expected to reveal it's next generation i-phone. it's celled for wednesday
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september 12th at ten. and on wall street today stocks held onto this week's gain. the dow closed the week with a 14 point gain . >> a group campaigning against a proposed soda tax won a victory in court ins in lawsuit against richmond. a judge temporarily blocked richmond's attempt to force the campaign to comply with a local ordinance requiring mass mailings to include funding information on the front page. the group claimed that violated their first amendment right. the anti soda tax campaign is funded mostly by the american bev era ge association. you can get the news to go. down load the app, click the live icon and watch all of the newscasts live on the mobile device. >> a different version of events. a young man wounded in a deadly police shooting talks to us. >> and i'm back in just a couple minutes, right to the bay area weekend.
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which day will be the warmest in the five-day, back here in just a few. . and a daring rescue in arizona. the driver of this stranded truck stayed alive until help arrived.
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123450. those two children just came out safely with their mother. we are back again from the dock in monterey. maureen. >> if was a fascinating site. what the authorities did was the mother was in the front seat and we saw the children in the backseat. one in a car seat. one appearing very tired. what authorities did was held up a blanket to cover the windows because of the media coveragew. saw the children come out. they are back with their mother after several days of the ordeal where they had been kidnapped by their father at sea. we will have more on this at the morning news. >> >> a daring rescue in arizona after a driver got stranded in fast moving floodwaters. the driver actually had to wait, there you see it on the roof of the truck he was driving as rescue crews worked to reach him.
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crews sent over a life jacket and a safety helmet before rescuing him with a raft. the foe next area was hit hard earlier today by storms. >> a santa rosa police are looking for a man suspected of raping a teen. it happened last night at a park on santa rosa avenue. a 17-year-old said she approached a man and asked to use i had phone. the man then grabbed her and attacked her before she managed to escape. the man is white, in his 20s with brown hair, green eyes and about 6 feet tall. > only on 2, we are hearing a different version of a vallejo police shoot that left a man dead and another hurt. joe johnson talked to us from his hospital bed today in wall nut creek. he said that he and his friend mario romero were never a threat. police say he got out of a car
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and reached for a gun in his waistband. that is when officers opened fire, more than 30 times. >> he never got out of the car. he never had no gun. there was nothing in the car. >> reporter: police say that there was a gun. they say it was a pellet gun that looked like a real one. johnson's attorney said that the united states justice department may have to sort out what happened. >> in news of the world tonight in china a 5.6 quake struck the southwest part of the country. about an hour later another one hit. at least 80 were killed and hundreds more were hurt. dozens of after shocks followed and nearly 30,000 homes were damaged or destroyed and they are now rushing tents and supplies to the area. in germany a strike by flight attendants led to hundreds of flights being canceled. several hours in the flight attendants and the airline agreed to take their dispute to
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arbitration. the union is demanding a 5% pay hike. in afghanistan prince harry is back on duty in the army starting a four month combat tour. the prince is a gunner on a helicopter and is expected to start flying missions in ten days. the deployment is dangerous but he said that he wants to serve his country. >> i don't think there is anything positive about saying i'm not going to support them to teach them a lesson. >> facing a backlash the big drop in support for one of the biggest efforts to find a cure for cancer. >> and bill martin working on his forecast. he has the outlook for the weekend and beyond.
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. the breast fund racing walk in the middle of the controversy over its snub of planned parenthood. many people are walking away. >> get ready. >> reporter: three days, 60 miles and 1200 people. >> emotional from the beginning of the day. >> reporter: from marin to san francisco. >> i lost my grandmother to the disease and my mom lived. >> reporter: this is the 2012 three day walk for the cure post controversy. >> i have very strong feelings. >> reporter: she is talking about them removing support for planned parenthood in february a decision they reversed after donors started to leave. >> they had a hard year. >> reporter: a doctor declined to say how many people registered. >> we are moving forward. >> reporter: the local chapter is having a race on sunday. last year that event raised $800,000, so for this year
10:46 pm
registration is down 50%. >> i don't think there is anything positive about saying i'm not going to support them to teach them a lesson. >> reporter: executive director of the chapter in san francisco. >> with the economy being what it is we have more and more and more without insurance who need service. >> reporter: and many of those women come here to the offices of the breast cancer emergency fund. a nonprofit helping low income patients pay their bills. the extariff direct ear said he expects to loose $100,000 in funding due to the controversy. >> we had plans to expand into other counties and i'm sure that will be on hold. >> reporter: what's not on hold is the three day walk to find a cure. >> and ono the website you will find details about other events around the bay area this weekend. look for the weekend extra tab. >> safety is a top concern as organizers prepare for the 7th california capitol air show in
10:47 pm
rancho cordova. it comes a year after this crash killed ten people and the pilot at the reno air races. as pilots practice today. that tragic accident was not far from everybody's mind. pilots say it reinforces why they follow a strict set of safety guidelines. >> covers everything from directed energy to the height he with fly at, the speed, to make sure we do it in a safe manner. >> the california capitol air show is different from the reno air race, it's an air show, not a race so it's more about showcasing performance. >> the fog clear from the coast today. we have a beautiful day coast side. temperatures in to the 60's. fog working back in now. the winds off shore blowing out of the west at 13, gusts to 16. i have fog right in this area here. the fog -- get right up next to the coast here in the next
10:48 pm
probably six hours or so. when you wake up, you will have fog and low clouds, patchy and burn ovaria time tomorrow. start off the fog and you haven't had it in a while. fog as parts the coastal sections, a cool morning, santa rosa 47, 49 in napa. that's chilly. 51 vallejo. tomorrow morning, it's going to be chilly. you will need a jacket no matter what. if you hit the golf game you have a swim meet or whatever it'll be chilly. the fog tomorrow morning at eight you can see the fog up and down the coast and coming in around half moon bay. the san bruno gap. it burns back. the patches of fog hang out. temperatures tomorrow you can see looking like a fall like pattern. seeing all the 90 ebanksly well inland. saturday the warmest day on the bay area weekend. sunday, cooler because that have system. more low clouds and fog as the low pressure gets close. we wait another couple months
10:49 pm
one of them will bring rain this time of year it's just enhancement of the marine layer. we are getting -- we are in the transition, heading in and -- we could start looking for rain. that's a way off. baseball, the giants and the dodgers, we have another game out tomorrow. 1:00, mostly sunny. 62 degrees, you will need a jacket tomorrow. didn't -- you needed tonight but started off nice. then it got cool. tomorrow not that warm. take a jacket. 87 pittsburgh. 86 livermore. 84 gilroy. a 77 wood side and 77menlo park. the five-day, the bay area weekend in view saturday the warmest day. that's the outdoor day even at the coast and you will get a break and sunday the cool day with a lot more fog. next week temperatures mild and as we talked about in the earlier newscasts cal bears playing. dodgers playing with the giants tomorrow. got the -- the raiders on monday night football. breast cancer walk.
10:50 pm
a lot going on. >> all right. thank you. >> nice weather. >> yeah. >> this is a big weekend for the giants, dodgers rivalry with the race heating up and fred is on deck. he will let us know who delivered in the clutch tonight at the park.
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. fred is sports. this baseball season. this is exciting stuff and great news tonight for the giants and the a's. >> little breathing room you may say. they knew they would still lead the national league west on monday no matter what happened this weekend. wins two of three games, from the dodger -- put this in a much prettier frame. dodgers new pitcher was in a two run lead when the giants punt hunter pence seven this to third. pagan scores the tying run. dodgers just five and eight since they made their trade. giants made the deal. they pick up scutaro. here he is again. scutaro the bases loaded single and then the sliding crawford.  giants win 5-2. they lead the west by five and a half. look at huff in the dug out. check yourself before you wreck yourself. going on the dl shaking his
10:54 pm
hand. hernandez threw a perfect game a few weeks ago but tonight they made him look look like a batting practice manager. tied in the 4th when george strips and rips a three run homer. hernandez gives up 11 hits, four and two thirds inning. a's starting pitcher. the rookie allows just one run. moves to 4-0 with a 2.2 era. a's got swept at home by the angels. people wonder fire ed it if it was the start of aswoon. oakland beats felix. a's still own one of the two wild card spots. one of the true pioneers. many to the memorial hall of fame. he was the ncaa -- who played for the united states team .
10:55 pm
don knell season also made it in -- don nelson. he won a record 1335 games but no nba championships. born in berkeley attended ucla. played on the team and ralph sampson one of three college player of the year. he spent it would have his 13 seasons with golden state. this week's friday night game of the week took place in danville where san ramon hosted and then got roasted. fired up as they look for their first win the season but the colts return three interceptions for touchdowns. carson takes this back 47 yards, folks also have a running back.
10:56 pm
scores once of his two td's. the quarterback fakes out the wolves. james logan wins 35-0. the fans are still loud and loyal. today at the oakland city center, ward and his dawson wide in ata 168 pounds for tomorrow night's match. ward puts his 25 home record and two belts on the line against dawson who moves down from his normal light heavy weight division. the oracle tomorrow night. the fight will be shown live on hba. that's sport sports as we see it. sports. >> i wonder when he was saying. >> i wish i read lips. >> it was not --. >> how you doing. . >> not pretty. >> thank you. >> thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> mornings starts at seven
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and they will work to learn more about the rescue of those two kidnapped children and the charges that their father is facing and we are always here for you on the website and mobile ktvu.
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you ever called someone and were disappointed when they answered? you wanted the machine. you're always kind of thrown off. you go, "oh, i--i didn't know you were there. "i just wanted to leave a message saying sorry i missed you." so here's two people, hate each other, don't really ever want to talk, but the phone machine is like this relationship respirator keeping these marginal, brain-dead relationships alive. we do it so when we come home, you can see that little flashing red light. you go, "all right. messages."

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